About CRFR

Cascadia Radical Faerie Resource is a non-profit charitable organization registered with the State of Oregon.


Founded in 2002, Cascadia Radical Faerie Resource, an Oregon nonprofit corporation (hereinafter “CRFR”) seeks to foster community and personal exploration among its members through shared values and experiences. The primary purpose of “CRFR” shall be support of Radical Faeries and their northwest regional gatherings, including those traditionally held at Breitenbush Hot Springs, by providing a safe environment for members to convene and foster community. Every year to advance education, outreach and community building in support of its mission, “CRFR” produces two events (Gatherings)for its members. The Gatherings include many educational and community-building workshops.

The informational and educational workshops at each Gathering help members cope with and heal from experiences as gay, bi, trans and queer-identified men including various life skills related to personal health and wellness, financial planning, substance abuse recovery, and HIV prevention. These activities include interpersonal communication, support for long-term AIDS survivors, sexual health, public speaking, spiritual growth, meditation, sweat lodges and heart circles.

The community building and outreach opportunities offered at the Gatherings include networking receptions, activities that develop peer-to-peer resources such as auctions, fashion shows, group singing, spoken word stage productions, and film festivals. Other activities include yoga, tai chi, dance, drum circles, swimming and forest hikes.

Charitable donations support the Faerie Fee Fund, which extends low or no-cost scholarships to subsidize participation for those with limited financial means to pay registration costs of Gatherings and transportation expenses.

Northwest Faerie Database (NWFDB) Updates:

The Northwest Faerie Database is a listing of Faeries who have previously attended Breitenbush Radical Faerie gatherings. It is used to send out the Calls for future gatherings. Having your name and address added to the database ensures you will receive notice of future gatherings. Even if you don’t register for this Gathering, please help us keep the Northwest Faerie Database up to date. Has your phone number or email address changed since you last attended a Breitenbush Gathering? If changes are needed, or if you’d like to be removed from the NWFDB, send a note to duchess@cascadiafaeries.org.