This is the welcome page for the 2021 Breitenbush Summer Online Global Gathering. You can find the call here. The call is an invitation for you to gather with our merry band of faeries from August 20-22, 2021. At the gathering, we will link hands and heart to create a community of healing, where we all free to share our joys, sorrows, dreams, fears, and visions. For this gathering, we offer the intent to seek Radical Thought Globally, Radical Action Locally.

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The call is below and it is available other languages through the links below. You can go directly to registration here. After we confirm your registration you will have access to all things gathering.

Remember this gathering is open to faeries of all genders and there is no fee to register. We will be back in Breitenbush soon. Consider a donation to support the Faerie Free Fund for then.

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SEPTEMBER 8-12, 2021

Since 1992, and with the exception of 2020 due to COVID restrictions and wildfires, the faeries have convened a summer gathering at Breitenbush Hot Springs. In 2020, the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires ravaged Breitenbush and burned nearly half of the structures to the ground. 

As February 2021 approached it was clear that we could not meet at Breitenbush for the winter gathering. As an alternative, a very successful online global gathering was convened. As spring approached the Queen Registrar and their court began planning for the 2021 Breitenbush Summer Online Global Gathering to occur August 20-22, 2021. 

Suddenly in late this spring came word that Breitenbush was ready for us to come back. On the heels of the summer online global gathering, and before the autumnal equinox turns our way, we have an opportunity for an in-person gathering to offer thanks for summer and pay tribute to the imminent darkness of fall.



This Call invites gay, bi, trans and queer men and people who identify somewhere on a gender-fluid male-to-non-binary spectrum to join us at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon located in the foothills Seekseekqua, also known by its English name, Mt. Jefferson.  We intend to honor the principle of NOTAFLOF = No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds.

During the gathering we spend lots of time very close to each other (YAY!). 

Anyone who wants to attend the gathering must provide proof they are fully vaccinated. There are no exceptions. While there, we will adhere to the Breitenbush policy that masks indoors are optional. You know that public health guidance changes as COVID transmission conditions require. 

Arrival for the 2021 Summer Breitenbush Gathering at Breitenbush begins at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8th; we must leave the land by 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 12th. We are the first large group hosted by Breitenbush since its 2020 closure.

As our sacred haven restores itself with help from its caretakers a new landscape is emerging. Different, but no less sacred. There are new views and vistas. New places to live, play, work, learn, and grow. Please come to gather – celebrate our resilience, our capacity for mutual care, and our need for exploration.

As always, we intend to create a container for love, lounge, lust, and learn; for soaking, steaming, and sleeping. Being there again will evoke familiar feelings, yet many aspects will be new. In the lodge, we have 24/7 access to the library, North Wing, lobby, and outside decks. We also have unfettered use of the Forest Shelter, River Yurt, gift shop building, sauna, Spiral Tubs, Meadow Pools, newly-installed porcelain soaking tubs, and designated smoking areas.

All guest cabins, the Sanctuary, Vista (massage house), bath house, bathroom cabins, the foot bridge, Well House 4, the maintenance bay and wood shop, and several community cabins were completely destroyed by fire. Yet, miraculously, the gift shop building, lodge, kitchen, Forest Shelter, sauna, River Yurt (Love Lounge), Spiral Tubs, and Meadow Pools all survived. The tent platforms are also still there.

The Breitenbush stewards have committed to rebuild what was lost. 

  • Soaking Tubs: The first major construction project was the addition of several individual and 2-person porcelain soaking hot tubs on platforms between the Spiral Tubs and the River Yurt.These are similar to those on the sauna deck.
  • Large Tents: Under construction now in a clearing south of the lodge and east of the gift shop building are 20 “glamping” tent platforms. The clearing of scorched timber created to space. Breitenbush provides the tents, a queen-sized bed, and double-sized mattress on the floor. There are zipper windows and a door to circulate the air and a pair of Adirondack chairs on the platform to lounge. 
  • There are several platforms between the Spiral Tubs and River Yurt supporting porcelain soaking tubs (like to ones on the deck behind the sauna).


The cabins made choosing and assigning accommodations much easier. This gathering has more options that will not cost the same. 

  1. The 10 existing tent platforms are designed for 2-person tents, which Breitenbush will provide along with 2 double sized pads. You need to provide your sleeping bag. The tents comfortably sleep 2.
  2. Under construction are 20 large platforms with tents that will be furnished with 1 queen-size bed and a 1 double-size mattress on the floor. They sleep up to 3 people. They are just south of the lodge and west of the parking lot.
  3. Strawberry Meadow is a camping area reserved for personal tents. The plan is for 20 tents but the meadow can accommodate more.
  4. Breitenbush will set aside parking area for 12 personal vehicles for car camping.
  5. There are two bedrooms in the Lodge with a double bed in each. Each room sleeps 2. The lodge has two ramps leading into the building. 
  6. The West Wing (Library) will include 8 double beds.

The prices will vary based on the number of registrants and the number of people per tent. As funds allow, we intend to honor the principle of NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds).


The Gift Shop’s new home is the dining hall. It is open during normal business hours. For health, staffing, and other reasons meals are no longer served from a buffet. The registration includes 3 meals each day. There will still be plenty to eat but by individual plates from a window in the Kitchen Building. Each meal will have 3 menu choices.  All meals at Breitenbush are vegetarian. Upon advance request meals with no gluten, diary, or eggs can be available.

This summer the lodge deck and temporary table set-ups will be in the North Wing. As needed, staff will erect a tent for a covered eating area. We plan to have coffee, tea, and snacks available 24/7.

The fire destroyed the northeastern area of the camp. The bath houses and the bathrooms in and between the cabins were destroyed. 


With the exception of 2 bathrooms in the lodge, there are no permanent bathroom facilities. There portable toilets are scattered throughout the site.


The caretakers are working furiously to pipe in hot water and construct more showers. Most showers are outdoors. At this point, there is an indoor shower with hot water in the River Yurt. Several showers with hot water are under construction below the spiral and completion is expected by the gathering. There are outdoor showers with no hot water near the sauna, spiral tubs, and meadow pools, tubs. The warmth of our hearts will overcome the coolness of the shower water. 

For questions before then, contact the Queen Registrar at qr@cascadiafaeries.org

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2021 Breitenbush Summer Online Global Gathering: Radical Thought Globally, Radical Action Locally

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